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NASA is planning to send something unique to the International Space Station this week. The space organization of the United States will send a robot hotel to the ISS on the next scheduled flight. SpaceX will carry it to the ISS by using Falcon 9 at the end of this week. The robot hotel is only the common name of Robotic Tool Stowage (RiTS). The unit could instead name the garage than a hotel, as the unit is nothing but a parking place for unused robots in the International Space Station. 

The reason behind Such Development

The proposed unit is essential for the protection of robots from varieties of threats present in space. One of the experts related to the project revealed that the unit would protect machinery from several harmful radiations present in the space and meteors. 

Initially, the garage will host a couple of Robotic External Leak Locators. These robots primarily detect any potential leaks from the outside of the Internation Space Station. Previously, these two robots rest on the ISS platform during the free time. Though the International Space Station is massive, these limited spaces are essential to carry out experiments and research. As a result, NASA decided to send a garage, specially designed for these robots. 

Time to get ready for the mission plays an essential role in the recent development. Robotic External Leak Locator usually takes around 12 hours of calibration time to get ready for use. As the new storage facility located in the external division of the International Space Station, the process would take much lesser time in comparison to the past. 

NASA is also planning to build habitats in outer space next year. Therefore, the organization is funding multiple private companies, including SpaceX, to build another small-scale Space Station by the end of next year. 

The new development showcase NASA’s capability to carry out complex missions, unlike other space agencies. 

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