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Did you think that the threat of being destroyed by Russian space junk would phase out NASA astronauts while staying onboard the International Space Station?

Then you would be wrong. The astronauts said that during a live NASA press conference, they were it’s not that the crew of astronauts who traveled to the station on SpaceX’s Crew-3 mission weren’t concerned about the low orbit debris created by Russia’s anti-satellite missile (ASAT) test. But they said that the event also had a bright side, and it provided them an opportunity to learn more about the ISS and how to be safe during emergencies.

The team said during the conference to Interesting Engineering’s reporting that “We all got to see how the culture and the flow was — and check out using the Dragon as a haven,.” “It was a privilege to actuate all the hatches, we got to know our space station much better.”

Despite the stress, the Crew-3 successfully found something nice to say about working with the Russian cosmonauts on the ISS; at the same time, their country carried out dangerous orbital tests and attacked Ukraine.

“International relations [haven’t] changed at all,” experienced NASA astronaut Tom Marshburn said during the debrief on Wednesday. “Being in space together, all the international partners doing what I believe to be great things — we rely on each other for survival. That has not changed at all.”

How was it truly how the astronauts felt or waited, something the media coach told them to say? No one knows. But their statements wouldn’t make the tension between US and Russia any worse.

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