Namak Issk Ka

Today’s episode of Namak Issk Ka starts with Yug and Satya going for the market. Then she says to park the car as there is not much space so he should look for space somewhere else. Then they shop together. While Satya was looking at the price tags, he tells her not to get worried about the price tags. She can select any of the sarees, all he wants her to smile. Satya thinks Yug is actually so sweet.

Namak Issk Ka 21st july 2021

Now, in the next scene of Namak Issk Ka, while Yug goes to get the car from the parking, Satya goes to the hospital. There on the entrance of the hospital, the guards are not letting her go inside the hospital. Satya has to come up with a way. So she fooled them and threatened them actually to get inside the hospital.

Kahani is trying to call Yug. But there is some network issue she couldn’t just get connected to him. Meanwhile, everybody in the house is excited and making preparations for Juhi’s marriage proposal. Dadi tells everyone in the house not to make any mistakes today and if Juhi’s marriage would be fixed today, they gonna decorate the entire house as a bride.

Also, Dadi says if there would be a wedding in the house she gonna gift many jewelries to all the ladies in the house. Iravati is thinking about how to spoil the happiness and excitement in the house as she really loves it when she sees people feeling sad. Since Kahani is not well so Dadi tells Rupa to take care of her and she won’t do anything during all the preparations. Kahani has to be taken special care of as nobody wants her to get fainted.

Saroj also agrees with Dadi. And, they all decide Kahani will take proper rest no matter what. Gunjan is also here and she gives an indication to Iravati. She says that she doesn’t think Kahani will gonna survive much anymore. Iravati calms her down and says to act normally. And, Kahani has to live for today itself no matter what.

As per their plan, Satya gonna break this proposal and this will ultimately hurt Saroj. So they are planning to oust Satya from the house and kill Kahani. Kahani goes missing. Yug is worried and calls Saroj if she is home or not. Saroj tells him that Kahani is not at home. Stay tuned with us to know more about Namak Issk Ka and where Kahani is!!

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