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The latest episode of Molakki begins with Virender and Purvi’s car stopping at the same signal. But before they can see each other, the signal turns green and they go on their way. As the principal agrees to admit Manas and Juhi to the campus, they both look at each other. After that, the headmaster said that from now on, the responsibility of both the children will be his and also says that this is the best school for his children and calls a peon and asks him to show his new room to the children. Both Manas and Juhi go with him unwillingly.

Daksh and Chandani tell Purvi to break a leg in the interview. She appreciates them and goes for the interview. Virender thanked the principal for the admission of his children. Purvi was also going to appear for the interview in the same school and the principal went to take her interview. Virender is also present there but he cannot see Purvi. They both go in different directions. The principal finds Purvi’s profile ineligible due to a lack of experience. But Purvi tells him to give her a chance to prove herself.

Molakki Written Episode

Chandani asks Daksh that command Dhwanu to talk to Nani. She asked if he had forgotten about the plan made by both of them. Criticizing the plan, Daksh says that he will not lie because of all this. At the same time, he also said that he is sure that one-day Purvi will definitely agree. Virender is about to drop the kids at the hostel when they both hug Virender and ask him not to leave them there. Virender tries to convince both of them to stay there and asks the warden to take them away. After that, the name Virender leaves from there with eyes wide open and the children are watching him leave.

Meanwhile, Purvi is giving the interview, Daksh comes there and recommends a job for Purvi. Only then the principal tells Daksh that there is no need for his recommendation because Purvi has proved that she is eligible for this job. The principal said that she has already hired Purvi. Just then Daksh quickly informs Chandani about this and they both become very happy. Virender is leaving school and is missing Purvi. He is wondering why Purvi left him. The principal asked Purvi to join the school from tomorrow itself. Finally, Manas and Juhi ask about Virender and this is where today’s episode ends. Don’t forget to watch the full episode on Colors TV at 10 PM. Stay connected with us to get more such written updates of Molakki in the future.

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