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In the new document, it has released that the US administration is letting the Gold mining company take a major role in writing its own environment report. The Earthworks obtain this new document. The Statesman reported that this could be the key to getting the Idaho mine project. The Gold mining company could take a major role in writing reports as per the permission granted by the Trump administration. 

Impact of the new document on the environment

The US Forest Service initially denied the Midas Gold’s request, according to the 2018 document. The reason due to which the document on the environment initially rejected was that the project would harm endangered animal species like salmon, steelhead, and bull trout. For the protection of the surrounding area, the company had to undertake expensive habitat restoration. 

The Canadian-based company Midas Gold has got permission to take a lead role in the process of creating a biological assessment as per the document and is proposed to open-pit gold mines in central Idaho. But in the first place, the US Forest Services has opposed the Gold mines project because of the adverse effect of the project on different animal species, and this was done after the meeting on the new document on the environment.

The mining company highly lobbied the trump administration as per the report for obtaining the approval for the Gold-mine project. For the approval, the mining company meeting was conducted between the Midas Gold and US president and the deputy under-secretary of the US Department of Agriculture’s nature natural resources and environment. The environmental impact report has not yet been written, but it is expected to be written by the mining company in early 2020, and this could play an important role in the approval of the Gold mine project.

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