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In a recent study, scientists observed around 7, 00,000 stars near the center of our galaxy, Milky Way, and revealed something interesting. Researchers studied the huge population of stars near the center of the galaxy. They predict that these stars formed in two major periods, which contradicts the previous assumption. Previously, researchers thought that these stars formed gradually.

More about the Study of Galaxy

Scientists took the help of High Acuity Wide-field K-band Imager (HAWK-I) to get the images of the star-dense region. To get a clear image of the region, scientists used the very large telescope situated in Chile. The telescope helped to neutralize the effects of the dense gases present in the viewing path. The research team comes to a conclusion about the formation of stars, which contradicts the initial claim. 

The researchers claim that most of the stars, as high as 80% of the existing stars in the region, formed in the first five billion years of the formation of the galaxy. But, after five billion years, the galaxy reduced the formation of the new stars to a great extent. The doll period was over nearly one billion years ago when the Milky Way galaxy started to form stars again. Though the stars’ formation was comparatively smaller in scale in comparison to the initial one, it created around 5% of the existing stars. 

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The study suggests that the supermassive black hole present at the center of the Milky Way galaxy, Sagittarius A*, got the maximum weight during the early period of star evolution. The new theory could change the existing thoughts on the formation of the galaxy completely. The theory has to answer many arguments to break its path into the astronomy book, expert revealed.

If the scientists’ community accepts the theory, it will change every possible assumption about the formation of our universe.

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