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Microsoft’s DirectStorage Will Speed Up Game Loads on Windows 10 and 11 From Today

Image Credit: Volodymyr Kyrylyuk/Shutterstock

Microsoft has announced, “Windows games can ship with DirectStorage” starting today. DirectStorage is the tech giant’s fast game-loading technology that was introduced with the S consoles and Xbox Series X.

DirectStorage leverages the speed of modern NVMe SSDs (solid-state drive), which can deliver multiple gigabytes per second, to load games faster than before. As Microsoft explains, current storage APIs were not optimized for modern games’ data loading methods. They created bottlenecks that lengthen loading times even for those with an NVMe SSD (solid-state drive).

In Mid-2021, Microsoft released a developer preview of the technology, but as The Verge reports, there are no available games that support DirectStorage yet. Square Enix’s Forspoken is One of the first titles to take advantage of the technology, which will be released for Windows and the PlayStation 5 in October. Other developers may have just started incorporating the technology into their games.

The giant tech company will introduce DirectStorage at GDC on 22 March and is expected to give tips and tricks developers can use to get started. At the Event, Forspoken developer Luminous will also be talking about how it integrated the technology into the game.

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