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Credit where credit is due: Microsoft Edge has gotten pretty good. Since the browser started using Chromium as its base, and the company began adding its improvements on top, it provides a pleasant browsing experience — that is, whenever it’s not begging you to stick with it. But despite Microsoft’s best efforts and the fact that it’s starting to see some growth, Chrome still has an indisputable market lead. The latest attempt to bridge the gap and get you to switch while also boosting your security and privacy includes an in-browser VPN.

The feature was detailed on a Microsoft support page (via The Verge). It’s called Microsoft Edge Secure Network, and it’s meant precisely as a means to armor yourself from insecure networks and shady websites. The feature is currently in a preview stage — you’ll need to log in with your Microsoft account to use it, head to the settings panel, and click “Secure Network” to turn it on.

It’s far from the only browser these days coming with a VPN. Opera also has one, and if you’re willing to pay, you can get an official VPN running in your Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome instances. The presence of a fully-free VPN on Microsoft Edge gives the browser an edge (no pun intended) over its two main competitors, and it’ll sure come in handy for folks looking to boost up their online safety.

Microsoft is one of many browsers that offer some VPN services. Opera comes with a free one, but more popular browsers like Mozilla only offer a paid VPN service, as does Google Chrome, thereby potentially help improving Edge’s value proposition.

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