Meghan Markle quitting royal family

Meghan Markle take a tough descision to quitting the royal family. The main reason behind this that, she did not seek to grow Archie in a sexist environment.

Behind Sussex exit from the royal house, he had centuries-old sexist traditions that made Meghan feel genuinely numb and suffocated!

As accepted by a supply, Meghan Markle hated the PDA ban as a member of the royal house and wanted to develop son Archie to feel attractive to express himself’.

According to the sources, The Duchess and husband Prince Harry “are raising their 18-month-old baby unroyally and following in their footsteps,”Harry strongly believes that Archie must be capable of the freedom he has no means.”

This source increased so much that Little Sussex would not follow any traditions and protocols.

Archie ‘will not follow royal protocol, especially sexist traditions.’ They will be taught the freedom to speak up and the importance of giving back to the neighborhood, and manily not letting anything get in the way of achieving their desires and happiness. ‘

It has been said that the parents have not allowed their youngster to “run wild” and no one is willing. They set absolute boundaries, ”the sources defined.

A some of the sources showed that Meghan hated to follow the royal costume code, which is why she usually wore dresses on casual occasions.

Meghan said, “Children were dressed all the time according to a royal and old-fashioned guidelines and rules – such as keeping clothes below the knee”.

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