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‘Doctor Strange 2′ alleged release date is the 6th of May. As one comes closer to the release date, to not let the fans’ anticipation die out and keep their attention stuck on the film, Marvel has been posting the ‘Doctor Strange 2’ clips.

The makers have now uploaded a new trailer for the Multiverse of Madness film with the footage that gives a better look at what the movie will be about. The new clip includes a scene of bloody Wanda attacking the Illuminati Base, and another one provides a glance at the change in color of the Doctor’s magic.

The 30 seconds clipping was released last night and showed an altered change of the color of Defender Strange’s magic. The color should have been orange like it always is, but it was shown to be white this time. The teaser also showcases The Defender Strange interacting with America Chavez, the new MCU hero.

Doctor Strange reportedly has the cameos to distinct MCU characters and is also expected to introduce new ones. Sam Raimi, the director, opened up about Professor X and Illuminati cameo, saying that Patrick Stewart is not in the picture, and that’s all he is about to tell.

He also hinted that the fans would be able to witness different iterations of Wanda Maximoff of Elizabeth Olsen. It was a challenging and fun task directing these characters to play such an altered version of themselves.

Marvel Studios’ Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness | Reckoning

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