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A massive eruption in the Volcano of Kilauea in Hawaii was seen happening in the year of 2018. The hole created by the enormous explosion has led to the resembling of it to the height of the World Trade Center in the city of New York. According to the researchers, the dramatic eruption had happened due to the small leak that had have arrived at the reservoir just under the peak.

Kilauea volcano has estimated as having a height of 1,250 meters tall. The Kilauea volcano is situated on the southeastern coast of Hawaii’s Big Island. In the year 1983, it also began of belching of the lava from the Zone of the Eastern Rift. The explosion of the lava destroyed more than 700 homes before it stopped in August 2018.

The sudden and explosive collapses of the caldera that includes the events that have been formed by the Crater Lake of Oregon around 7,700 years ago and are known with the same phenomenon. But the findings by the suggestion of that collapse of the slow-motion events such as the Kilauea. One of the explosions also occurred at the caldera of the Bardarbunga caldera in the country of Iceland between the years 2014 and 2015.

A word from the researchers for Kilauea Volcano

What has been learned from both the events of the Kilauea and the Bardarbunga is that there are not many warnings as per the geophysicist has known Magnus Tumi Gudmundsson. He has studied the collapse of Bardarbunga but wasn’t involved in the research of the Kilauea. According to Magnus Tumi Gudmundsson, the eruptions of the caldera-collapse also looks much similar to the typical eruptions. The magma that flows under the volcano tends to split apart as the magma is capable of flowing freely and leads to the collapse of the roof of the caldera.

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