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In an unfortunate incident, a police officer from Maryland charged with the rape of two women and sexually assaulting the third one. The victims filed a charge sheet about the incident in Maryland District Court.

On Saturday, the court issued a warrant against the 25 years old police officer, Anthony Michael Westerman. The court document suggests that the officer charged with two second-degree rape and three-second degree sexual assaults. The court document suggests that the SVU initiated the investigation against the alleged officer since October 2019. The investigation started when several ladies claimed about sexual assaults and rape against the police department. 

Anthony Michael Westerman started his career as a police officer in 2013. One of the women claimed that the officer offered an Uber ride for returning to her home when she was drunk heavily. The woman got unconscious during the journey and on the next morning. She discovered herself at the officer’s house. The woman claimed that the police officer raped her that night. 

Another complaint suggests that Anthony Michael Westerman raped another lady while staying in his guest room during the first half of this year. The woman claimed that she did not take any action as the rapist was an officer in the police department. The third lady alleged that Anthony Michael Westerman kissed her a couple of times, against her wish. The lady stated that they were in a bar during the misconduct. 

Response from the Police Department against Rape

Melissa Hyatt, Baltimore Police Chief, termed these allegations as disgraceful and revealed that the police department does not represent these kinds of morale and value. It remains unclear that if Anthony Michael Westerman has a lawyer or not, but the records in the court does not include one. These kinds of activities will affect the people and police relations, and people will not trust the police if the organization does not take any strict action against rape, an expert remarked. 

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