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Evan Rachel Wood, an actress, said in a new documentary about her life that her former lover Marilyn Manson “basically raped [her] on camera” while making a music video in 2007 when she was 19. Wood recalls how she and Manson, whom she was seeing at the time, consider creating a simulated sex scene for the video for Manson’s song “Heart-Shaped Glasses” in the film Phoenix Rising, which debuted this Sunday at Sundance. However, Wood claims that while filming, Manson began “entering me for real” when she was barely aware, having been given absinthe on site.

Manson reacted with a statement from his lawyer, Howard King, who told E! News that Manson did not have intercourse with Evan on that shoot, and she is aware of this. King went on to say that Wood’s story was an inventive retelling and that she was totally lucid during the filming. The simulated sex scene took many hours to film, with multiple takes from various perspectives and several extended gaps in between camera settings, he added, adding that there were numerous witnesses.

The sex sequence between Wood and Manson in the video, which was directed by Manson and inspired by Lolita, was explicit enough at the time that many guessed it wasn’t a simulation. Manson, according to Wood, told her to tell journalists that she had a “romantic” time on site. Meanwhile, he appeared to embrace public conjecture about a more dark reality.

Manson, whose actual name is Brian Warner, was sacked by both his record label and his agency when Wood made her allegations public. More than a dozen women, including actress Esme Bianco and his former personal assistant, have subsequently come forward to speak out against Manson. Manson’s accusers have given disturbingly identical tales of his violent conduct, which purportedly includes sexual assault, sexual violence, human trafficking, physical and psychological torture (including physical branding), and other atrocities.

Manson has firmly refuted the charges of his accusers, calling them “horrible distortions of truth.” In Los Angeles, he is now being investigated on many counts of sexual and physical abuse.

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