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With each passing month, we move closer to the publication of the last chapter of Manifest. It’s been months since Netflix rescued the show and greenlit Manifest season 4, which has been in the works since late 2021. Finally, we’re getting closer to new episodes.

As previously announced, season 4 of Manifest will be broken into two parts. The final season’s twenty episodes will be split into two 10-episode halves, with the first set to be released before the end of the year. But don’t worry, we’ll get to our release date predictions soon!

When it comes to Manifest season 4, there’s a lot to be excited about. Specifically, the fact that it’s occurring is reason to rejoice, but we’re in for some fantastic final season goodies, such as cast members directing and a possible time leap.

Manifest Season 4 will not, of course, be available on Netflix until May 2022. The series wasn’t on the comprehensive list of new release movies and shows for the month, but we weren’t anticipating a new season so soon. Here’s when we’re hoping to see it!

Manifest Season 4 release date.

Manifest Season 4 part 1 might be aired on Netflix in November 2022, according to creator Jeff Rake, who announced this in a tweet to author Stephen King back in February. Although it has yet to be confirmed, November would be an ideal release date.

Fans have speculated that part 1 might be released on November 4, which is a Friday, because that is the date Flight 828 passengers went home. There’s also speculation that part 2 will be revealed in April 2023 – on April 7, another Friday — to commemorate the Flight 828 departure date.


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