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A man was arrested after making a fake bomb threat to get ahead in the queue on Saturday, Jan,8 at Doja Cat’s free concert in Indianapolis.

The incident took place around 5 PM just before the gates for the event. This created resistance and the entry at the concert was delayed for about 20 minutes, but the concert continued as scheduled.

The security at the downtown Indianapolis venue cleared the crowd in the security lines following the threat. Authorities further investigated the veracity of the threat claim by the man at the venue destination and shortly discovered that the man’s backpack was empty. There was no trace of explosive found on the charged man.

Deputy Chief Joshua Baker at the site admitted after investigating the man was just using poor exercise to advance in line. As he said “A fan wanted to advance in line so he exercised very poor judgment and told those around him in line he had a bomb in his backpack. “Someone did the right thing and alerted IMPD. The backpack was clean.” Chief added.

The man was taken into custody, arrested on unrelated outstanding warrants. His identity is kept private as the investigation into the bomb threat is still going on according to a statement of IMPD.

The artist performed to a first come first serve concert successfully as the security took care of the situation. The IMPD also tweeted an official statement for the same.

Statements posted on the official IMPD Twitter account “IMPD have arrested a man who was trying to get through the security line for AT&T’s Playoff Playlist Live at Monument Circle. A nearby witness told police the Individual said he had an explosive on him. IMPD officers responded, searched his bag, and did not find an explosive. The man had unrelated outstanding warrants and was immediately arrested for those. He currently is in police custody.

Police believe there is no active threat and the investigation is ongoing. Tonight’s activities and concert CFP will continue as planned.”
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