Mads Lewis And Jaden Hossler, Mads Lewis And Jaden Hossler breakup

The news is surging all around the internet that Mads Lewis and Jaden Hossler have a breakup. Fans are wondering whether it is true or not. Here is a Mads TikTok video explaining Nessa Barrett.

If you are following Mads and Jaden on social media that you may have been emotionally invested in your relationship.

Both the influencer and stars revealed that they would be dating back in 2019 and that they were back together in late 2020 when they reportedly split up for some time.

Once again, their relationship is not on the right path after Mads posted a cryptic TikTok video. Fans are wondering why Nessa Barrett is involved in the camera.

Did Mads Lewis And Jaden Hossler Break Up?

There are rumours surging all over social media that TikTokers split after sharing a now-deleted video with Jaden and Nessa. Mads and Jayden have yet to address the breakup rumours.

The clip shows photos and clips of Mads and Jaden, along with footage of Jaden and Nessa after their song was released.

While writing, Mads is not following Jayden on Instagram and has deleted photos with her.

Mads responded to TikTokers room and make it clear that the video she created.

“I don’t have to explain myself to anyone,” she wrote. “I agree that the video was immature and I could express myself in a different way or even just keep it to myself. But I’m tired of seeing that I’m like that bad guy who Makes people unfollow me.

After this, Jaden has not responded yet. Fans are waiting for his reply.

He still follows her on Instagram and does not delete her photos at the time of writing.

In her latest post, Jayden teased her upcoming performance with Nessa on Jimmy Kimmel Live, which airs on 6th April Tuesday.

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With all this, fans are confused and post their feedback on their Twitter account.

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