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We have both good and bad news for Human Resources specialists. The good news is that the Big Mouth spinoff series has been renewed; however, the bad news is that Human Resources season 2 will not premiere on Netflix in May 2022.

According to Netflix, big Mouth and Human Resources will both receive new seasons. Season 6 of Big Mouth is set to launch later this year, while Human Resources debuted in March. Season 2 will see the return of all series regulars from season 1, including Keke Palmer, Randall Park, Aidy Bryant, Brandon Kyle Goodman, David Thewlis, Maya Rudolph, and Nick Kroll.

Human Resources differs from its parent series in that it is more of a workplace comedy that reveals what it’s like in the everyday lives of these animals such as Depression Kitties, Shame Wizards, Hormone Monsters, Ambition Gremlins, and more.

Unlike Big Mouth, the spinoff focuses on the monsters and how they operate behind the scenes to help their customers navigate adolescence far into their forties. The breadth is significantly broader than Big Mouth’s coming-of-age approach.

Human Resources season 2 release date.

The program’s development was initially reported in 2019, and the show is set to launch in 2022. That doesn’t mean we’ll have to wait years between seasons. I believe it is simpler to compare the expected release window by comparing the show to Big Mouth, as I imagine the production schedule will take around the same amount of time as it does to produce one season of Big Mouth.

If Human Resources follows a similar timetable, I believe we will only receive one season every year. We may be lucky enough to obtain one season of each series every year since Big Mouth released one season per year from 2019 through 2021, with season 6 set to debut in 2022. Human Resources is likely to return by the spring of 2023.

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