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The court was informed about the London bus attacks were a group of boys who targeted two lesbian couples and harassed them. The lesbian couples were asked to show how the lesbian have sex, and before the assault, the couple was viciously assaulted by the group of boys. Christine Hannigan of 29 years and Melania Geymonat of 28th years were the lesbian couples who were attacked by the group of boys in the London bus. 

About the London Bus attack: 

On Friday, BBC reported that Christine and her girlfriend Melania were attacked on 30th May. After men cornered them and then started pelting them with coins made the couples extremely distressed. After throwing the coins on the couples, the group of boys who were aged between fifteen, sixteen, and seventeen started beating them. The boys were harassing the lesbian couple and were making several statements on scissoring. The groups of boys wanted to know how lesbian have sex. 

Around 2 am in the night, Christine and her girlfriend were injured, and Christine’s nose was broken after the attack. The boys were pleaded guilty by the court for threatening and on the abusive behaviour to women in a brutal London bus attack. Among the attacker, the older one denied on the bus beatdown was motivated by the sexual orientation of the couple. As per Mr Wood, the boys were seventeen and was being stupid. 

While the court proceeding Christine Hannigan accepted that she indicated the fight by punching one of the boys after the boys started throwing coins at her girlfriend, Melania Geymonat. Hannigan also informed the court about different homophobia in London, which she had already happened before with them, and she was scared and sick of all those incidents.  

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