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A Lip Shape chart TikTok challenge is taking all over the TikTok and figure out the shape of their lips using a chart. If you are finding how you can do Lip Shape viral challenge.

As we all know last year the Eye Shape Chart trend went viral on TikTok as people tried to find out if they had round, almond, droopy or hood-shaped eyes.

Once again the similar concept has come out but this time for lips. If you are trying to find out what shape your lips really are? Find out how.

What Is The TikTok Lip Shape Chart Challenge?

The trending challenge Lip Shape Chart Challenge is take over TikTok. It helps people to get an idea about what shape their lips are.

To make this video, TikTok users use the Snapchat filter and chart to put their lips over a series of images that allows them to find out wheter they have full lips, cupid-bow lips, heavy upper lips, heavy lower lips, thin lips, round lips or wide lips.

The process of making the video is bit fun, and if you are interested to try at once. So, check this out.

  • First people need to find a lip chart to do this challenge.
  • You can easily find out lip chart images from goggle through search ‘TikTok lip chart’.
  • Choose the one which you like and nd save it to your camera roll, you’ll need it later.

How To Do Lip Shape Chart Challenge

The time come when you shoot your video. For start, first you need to use a specific Snapchat Filter named the Eyes and Mouth Filter.

  • Open your downloaded Snapchat app and allow the cameras screen on your mobile.
  • Choose the smile face option to the right of the camera button to allow the filters section.
  • Click on the option to ‘create’ in the bottom left-hand corner.
  • Slide until you will find filter eyes and mouth.
  • Save the eye chart photo and select it as the background.
  • Film your video and compare your eyes to each category.
  • After filming the shoot, save it in on your camera roll and upload it to TikTok.
  • Keep updated with us to get more amazing news.

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