ZTE With The 3 64MP Cameras
source: Techradar

According to the reports and the sources of the galaxy reporters, that the company has revealed will be launching a mobile with the ZTE With The 3 64MP Cameras at the back and the mobile will be the first phone in the market to be launched with the same megapixel in all the 3 back cameras.

Moreover, if we assume the thing then it means that there will be ultra-high-resolution main, ultra-wide, and telephoto cameras a total of 3 cameras in a device. Moreover, it’s not shocking this tie to hear about the two high-resolution cameras at the back as the same of it is available in most of the phones that include Galaxy S20 Ultra, Oppo Find X3 Pro, and OnePlus 8 Pro. But the main difference that the ZTE will be featuring the 3 main high-resolution cameras that will be a new thing to the users in the market.

Moreover, the mobile ZTE president Ni Fei posted on Weibo that the new phone that will be launched by the company will be offering the 3 64MP cameras at the back. According to the report, there is no confirmation on the design and the specs of the 3 cameras but according to the sources and the predictions, it might launch the combination of the main/ultra-wide and telephonic cameras. Moreover, a few months ago also the ZTE has teased something related to the launch of the 3 main cameras in the new device.

Although according to the tests of the researchers claim that 3 64MP cameras don’t give a good image quality to the users and as not all the 64 MP Cameras are made of the same quality and moreover, the researchers have earlier seen low budgeted 64MP cameras that didn’t give the good quality match to the users in the use. And on the other hand, the sensors of the sony of IMX686 provide the best resolution in competition to the others.

So far, in comparison to the new device, we have to find Oppo Find X3 Pro that is providing two cameras together of the 50MP at the back basically allowing the user for more consistent and the gap between the two of the shooters. So in simple words, if ZTE is launching the 3 cameras with the same MP then the users are expecting the gap of snappers between the two cameras.

That’s all was the article about the ZTE With The 3 64MP Cameras in the year or the next year.

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