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A new leaked image of the iPhone13 claims that this time the notch of the new iPhone13 will be redesigned and a new version of the same with the reduced size will be there in the market. And moreover, the news comes up from multiple sources and reports that claim that this year’s iPhone will come up with smaller notches than the iPhone 12.

According to the reports of the Macrumours, they also claim that a store in the US under the name of the “irepair” has already received the repairs items related to the new iPhone in the market and the images clearly showcase that the iPhone13 will be coming up in the market with a smaller notch. The store has received all the four model repair items that include the models iPhone 13,iPhone 13 mini,iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 pro max.

Moreover, in the leaked image the user can also see that the earpiece of the new device has moved upwards and is in the top-notch at the top bezel. And moreover, the same design was rumored earlier also at the time of the iPhone 12 rumors that the thing will come up with the 12 models but nothing like that come up and is now expected to come up this time with the new iPhone. And the iPhone 12 came up in the market with the same notch that the older iPhones were having.

And once again this time also the users will believe in the leaked images of the new iPhone just like the last year’s iPhone new was out and everyone got suprised and you never know that if Apple launches the new iPhone with the same notch. So, in simple words, the user can believe about 50% of the leaked images and 50 percent not.

But in the end, according to the sources of the galaxy reporters and the evidence, there are 100% chances of Apple to release this time iPhone with a smaller notch and for 100 percent there will be software changes in the new iPhone this time and moreover, along with this supply chain blog, Macotakara also reported the same thing that the iPhone13 will be there in the market with a smaller notch and the thing will be affecting the earpiece repositioning in the market.

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