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LeafyIsHere Banned: Where is LeafyIsHere after banned for bullying and harassment

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YouTuber Calvin Lee Veil who is commonly referred to as the LeafyIsHere was permanently banned from YouTube in 2020 because he violated the harassment policies of platform. After this within a few hours, his YouTube account was also terminated and the streamer’s Twitch account was also deleted.

LifeIsHere was the centre of controversy when he was actively streaming and creating content. He continues to accuse people of using racial genocide at the end of the charges, claiming that the leaf threatened him.

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Where is LeafyIsHere now?

Anyone who followed LifeIsHere knew his charming style. His content about other streamers has the content that seems to have driven them away from YouTube and Twitch.

Although there are some people on the online community who found their content problematic and believed that it was bannable, some of the other people believe fellow Internet personalities Imane “Pokimane” Anys and Ethan Klien somehow were the cause behind their ban.

The internet has been back and forth about this subject for some time. Whenever this topic comes up, this faulty game starts.

The hilarious thing is that on the day Pokimane returned from its break, LeafyIsHere was banned, leading people to believe that he had a hand in his ban.

Twitch streamers stepped on the band bars to celebrate Leafshire’s ban from YouTube.

LeafyIsHere is Banned

The new channel was a ban which is called “Leafy”. However, that channel was banned again within a few days of span after polluting the rules of YouTube. He also uploaded some videos to StoryFire, a video platform developed to rival YouTube.

Fellow Internet celebrity named Daniel “Keemstar” Keem has always been in support of LeafyIsHere. The two usually play Minecraft together, as revealed by a recent tweet on Leafer’s Twitter.

Now, LeafShare is only active on Twitter and Instagram.



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