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NBC’s crime drama, Law & Order: Organised Crime, is an ongoing television series that features a “single-arc” storyline that takes multiple episodes to resolve. It is the seventh installment in the Law & Order franchise and a spinoff of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

The show made its debut on April 1, 2021, and has released twenty-three episodes. It is on its way to concluding its second season. The series revolves around Elliot Stabler, a former Manhattan Special Victims Unit detective who returns to New York several years earlier after retiring from the police department. He joins a task force within the Organised Crime Control Bureau to find his wife’s killers and becomes its second-in-command.

The show’s upcoming episode will hit the screens on May 5, 2022. It is the twentieth episode of season 2 titled “Lost One.” As per various reports, this episode will be some crossover between organized crime and the special victims unit. As per the plotline, Stabler will need Benson’s help, which will be an opportunity to watch these two teams work together.

Fans expect to see some quality content consisting of Benson/Stabler bonding. The episode’s synopsis reads, “When a 9-year-old girl is kidnapped in connection with the Brotherhood, Stabler and the task force must work together with Benson and the SVU to track down the culprits before it’s too late”.

The promo isn’t holding back from exciting the crossover as teaming Benson and Stabler back up again, and it certainly looks like some nice bonding scenes are on the way for the former Special Victims partners. For now, we can only wait and wonder what the crossover will bring with the two squads joining forces.

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