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The latest Fagradalsfjall eruption in the southwest of Iceland has fascinated the whole world, as well as nature lovers and scientists alike. The eruption was significant as it provided geologists with an important opportunity to study magmas that were collected in a deep crustal magma reservoir but eventually derived from the Earth’s mantle.

A research team from the University of Oregon, Uppsala University, University of Iceland, and Deutsches GeoForschungsZentrum (GFZ) received this extraordinary opportunity to collect lava samples every few days to establish a time-integrated catalog of samples and to oversee the geochemical evolution throughout the eruption to a degree of detail hardly achieved before.

Generally, when volcano scientists look towards past eruptions, they work with a restricted view of the erupted materials. for instance, older lava flows can get entirely or partially buried by fresher ones. Yet, at Fagradalsfjall, the explosion was so well scrutinized and sampled that scientists had an opportunity to capture the evolution of an Icelandic eruption in almost real-time.

Therefore the geochemical results indicate that the latest Iceland eruption was supplied by magmas derived from numerous sources in the Earth’s mantle, each with its unique elemental characteristics. To the astonishment of scientists, each of these domains had similar oxygen isotope ratios. This outcome was extraordinary and has never been identified before at an active eruption. The research provides new and compelling information for distinct mantle-sourced magmas having identical oxygen isotope ratios, which can assist us in better understanding mantle dynamics and improve mantle models for Iceland.

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