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The gorgeous Victoria’s Secret model, Kendall Jenner has been known for turning heads wherever she goes. Her life and her bold life choices have never been hidden from the world. The young model knows she has it! And she knows how to flaunt it!

Jenner has been in highlights since the pictures of her sensual and gorgeous black dress were out on social media. Lauren Perez shared the picture of the after-party of her wedding in which the girls seem to be having fun. She captioned the photograph, “The greatest night of 2021! Happy New Year everyone!!!”

What made the critics double-check the picture is the dress worn by Kendall. The model is dressed in a slit-cut black dress that looks fabulous on her. Many of her fans appreciated her fashion sense and are still defending her fashion choices.

Jenner unapologetically shared multiple posts of herself wearing the stunning multi-cutout dress grabbing the attention of her fans across the nation.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians famed model dresses like a true diva. She takes bold chances with her wardrobe and is not afraid of any mishaps. Her decision to wear that black dress was subjected to mixed comments. While some are applauding her choice, some harshly criticize her choice, calling her an attention seeker.

Kendall is not known for taking hits, the fierce beauty is well-known for defending herself irrespective of the aftermath. And this time wasn’t a surprise either. Kendall’s fans are exhilarated when she decides to finally slam her trollers who think that being behind the camera gives them some kind of immunity.

The troller commented on her Instagram picture, “Inappropriate outfit at a wedding @kendalljenner I’m embarrassed for you,” adding “#cringe,”

The 26-year-old bridesmaid didn’t hold back and slammed the hater replying with,
“@laurenperez obvi asked for your approval in advance too,”

Many of her fans are standing in her support as they too think it’s her own choice. It’s her body, it’s her dress. Nobody asks for your opinion. You don’t like seeing things, shut down your accounts.

Hopefully, this message will make others realize that their hateful comments will not be accepted.

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