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There is no shortage of friendly and nice stories about Keanu Reeves. He gives away large chunks of his paydays, he’s a good gift-giver, and Reeves knows how to treat female coworkers and fans. The press tour for The Matrix Resurrections has yielded no shortage of fun, heartwarming Reeves moments. So here’s another one.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the actor did something nice for “all of his reps (agents, manager, publicist, etc.), members of his inner circle and other key insiders”: He paid for a whirlwind trip to San Francisco for the fourquel’s world premiere at the historic Castro Theatre. Among the things he paid for were “private jet travel and hotel accommodations, premiere tickets, and even organized a special post-premiere brunch for invitees, among other gifts.”

“He flew a bunch of us up here,” explained Chad Stahelski, who’s directed Reeves in all four John Wick movies. “He’s incredibly generous. In the audience tonight, there will be so many people who helped him, from his martial arts trainers to jiu-jitsu trainers to hair and makeup to his stunt crew. He makes sure that his friends and family are here. He’s epic.”

One person you won’t hear about this from is Keanu Reeves himself. When The Hollywood Reporters reached out to him for a comment about his latest gregarious act, Reeves said, “Yeah, it’s great to be able to share our experiences and lives together.”

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