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Although Keanu Reeves’s latest movie, The Matrix Resurrections, hasn’t been able to reach its expectations, the movie’s lead actor has once again made the world fall in love with him as another of his charity work came into the limelight.

According to the various reports, it is found that the ‘Speed’ famed actor had once donated a massive chunk of money for the well-being of those in need.

The actor was cast in 1999’s Matrix. The movie turned out to be a huge success and had brought the actor many rewards in return.

The knowledge of his salary for playing Neo in the original Matrix movie in 1999 has recently become public. The actor was paid 45 million dollars for being part of this franchise.

The amount paid is not what drove his fans crazy, but the news that Reeves had donated approximately seventy percent of this amount, i.e., 31.5 million dollars, to aid the leukemia research.

The reason behind this humongous donation brought tears to the eyes of his fans across the world. According to the sources, it is found that Reeves’s younger sister, Kim, was suffering and battling this disease since 1999 before entering remission in 2001.

Although the John Wick actor is known for his generous donations and charity work, he continues proving his excellent nature, again and again, making his fans and his family proud.

The internet is filled with heartfelt stories of the actor going out of his way to greet his fans. He has done his best to give as much love and respect to his fans as he receives in return. From buying ice cream to autographing a receipt to traveling with fellow stranded passengers, the well-known star has made the world fall in love with him.

People all over the world are aware of his humble nature. This news of him donating more than half of his pay to those in need doesn’t surprise them, yet it makes all of us proud and teaches us that there are still good people present among us who do their best to help each other in the best possible manner.

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