We all know that Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kausal’s wedding is now around the corner. Their wedding is on December 9, and there are so many conditions for their guests that it is turning out to be a nightmare.

There has been no confirmation from both of them that they are so much in love and have decided to spend their lives together. We all know that they kept it secret about their relationship, and They want a secret marriage.

A Guest who is invited to the wedding revealed that there is a new condition or a rule for guests every day. Guest shared that “I don’t know if it is their team that is hyperventilating about it all of it is the Couple themselves who are getting a little too private with their wedding. Each new day brings a brand new condition that makes you fit to attend the wedding. It is a wedding, for God’s sake, not a State secret that needs so much guarding.”

The guest further said that some of the conditions were downright offensive and insulting. “If you cannot trust your guests enough, and what them to abide by this and that, why even invite them?” the guest questions. Sources said that mobile phones are not allowed at the wedding, and no one can reveal the pictures and the main venue. Guest are not allowed to share images on social media.

The Couple has set down a fresh SOP has been laid down for the guests where they have been asked to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement), which bars them from talking about their attendance at the wedding, taking videos or pictures or posting on social media, sharing wedding details, no using a mobile phone while at the wedding. Well, that is bizarre, right. They kept their relationship secret, and now they want their wedding secret.



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