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Kathryn Dennis returned to her natural auburn roots, but she didn’t do so by dying her hair.

Instead, Kathryn, 30, says she got her “very first wig” to switch up her look after experiencing hair loss from multiple bleaching sessions and stress over the years.

“Meet my very first wig, her name is Kathryn. ❤️‍🔥,” on Instagram the star said as she debuted her new look.

Dennis said, “So here’s the deal — if you’ve been keeping up with me, you know that I’ve had to deal with extreme stress over the years. Blondes have more fun (sometimes), but way more damage smh I needed my confidence back, and wigs have done that for me,” Dennis said.

She continued: “Finally dabbled my toes in the wig world, and I’m obsessed. Y’all know me 😉.”

The Hair Mama made a wig of Dennis. The Hair Mama is a small business that creates wigs for women suffering from hair loss. Founder Tahnee Brown said: “We are SO grateful for @kathryndennis shouting us out! For all the new girlies joining us, welcome to the wig world!!! We are hair loss sisters who have united on one mission- to uplift, encourage, and protect each other at all costs!”

Brain said on Instagram that “Hair loss is tough to navigate and can be all-consuming at times. Wigs and hairpieces have become such an attractive solution to the daily anxieties that take from all other areas of your very purposeful life! Wigs give you a little part of YOU back, which is so exciting and worthy of celebration 🥳💥,”

In December 2020, Kathryn debuted a dramatically unique platinum blonde hue after rocking her natural fiery red locks for years. When PEOPLE asked what prompted the hair transformation, Kathryn said that She had been thinking about going blonde for a long time and the highly-anticipated season 7 reunion of “Southern Charm” seemed like this was the perfect time to go for it.

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