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Kate Winslet to Star Alongside Daughter, Mia Threapleton, in New Channel 4 Drama ‘I Am Ruth’

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The Titanic-OG actress Kate Winslet is set to mark a character again, but this time opposite her daughter, Mia Threapleton, in an on-the-way Channel 4 drama.

The globally renowned actress will star in the lead of Dominic Savage’s I Am Ruth with her daughter. The first trio of episodes was aired in 2019, with Vicky McClure, Samantha Morton, and Gemma Chan anchoring one story each.

Kate and Mia have been officially confirmed and signed for the roles, but the rest of the cast remains undercover. The series created and directed by Dominic Savage has each member of the form working with the writers to weave the story.

The series ‘I Am’ is known for exploring the different experiences in a woman’s life that are raw, thought-provoking, and personal.

In a statement, Kate mentioned that she has always been a fan of Dominic’s works and his commitment to only telling the real tales. Addin to the statement, she said that it is a complete honor to be a part of the community.

Savage also mentioned that it is more than just an honor to collaborate with Kate Winslet. He continued praising Winslet by adding that she had an incredible and sublime acting talent and that he could not wait to start shooting the unique and vital story that they had created together.



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