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As the final chapter of Joan Didion’s life came to an end on December 23, it brought back the memories of all the years she had spent in the middle of the heart of the Hollywood film industry.

Being born on December 5, the novelist completed her graduation from UC Berkeley and found herself writing movie reviews at Vogue in a city that never sleeps.

Meeting the love of her life, Joan Didion and John Gregory Dunne ended up tying the knot in 1964, leaving behind New York City and embarking upon their journey to Los Angeles.

The California Native threw light upon the conditions of the 1950s and early 60’s New York in her works.

Her very first published work, “Run River,” enlightens the readers about her hometown as the novel revolves around Sacramento.

Throughout her journey in Hollywood, Joan Didion had written 19 different novels and essays.

Her very own bestseller “Play It as It Lays” (1970) was adapted into Hollywood movies. Her works were greatly appreciated by those who enjoyed literary journalism.

The writings of Joan Didion help soothe the thirst of those who crave cultural chaos underlining the theme of individual and social fragmentation.

Her reviews about the city of angels given to the British Vogue in 1933 provide an insight into her life and experience of Hollywood.

“Los Angeles presents a real culture shock when you’ve never lived there,” Joan told.

While living in Los Angeles, Joan started fantasizing about her life in New York.

Following her interviews, it was easy to note that Joan craved to speak about the inner functioning of Hollywood. “The place makes everyone a gambler,” she wrote. “Its spirit is speedy, obsessive, immaterial. The action itself is the art form.”

Joan Didion quoted film reviewing as a “vaporous occupation” in her famous essay “Hollywood having Fun.”

Former President Barack Obama presented Joan with the National Humanities Medal in 2012. He too was aware of the sheer talent present in her as he quoted her as,
“one of our sharpest and most respected observers of American politics and culture.”

Spending 24 years in Los Angeles had turned this intellectual couple into the ultimate Hollywood insiders.

Being encouraged by their participation in Los Angeles’s social scenes and events, their home became the party destination where they hosted multiple dinner parties, inviting an incredible collection of guests ranging from people working in cinema journalism to the folks working as homicide detectives.

All in all, her years spent in Los Angeles shaped her writing styles as she witnessed the changes around her. She let the lifestyle of Hollywood pulsed into her personal life as she spent years in a sprawling Mansion at 7406 Franklin Avenue.

Her thoughts and way of bleeding onto the papers attract the readers to try the books she had written and encourage her writing style. Her influence on Hollywood can be seen in today’s generation of Netflix watchers as they show their interest in the actor-director Griffin Dunne’s documentary about his aunt, “Joan Didion: The Center Will Not Hold.”

Joan Didion described the temptations of Hollywood long ago.

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