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The Tonight Show host set forth his diagnosis in a post on Instagram Monday that he was found positive for the virus right before Christmas, despite being fully vaccinated and had a booster jab as well. He admitted that he was experiencing only mild symptoms of the disease.

“Hey guys, on the first day of our holiday break, I tested positive for Covid. I was vaccinated and boostered, which made me lucky only to have mild symptoms,” He wrote, sharing a photo of himself sitting in a testing room wearing a mask.

He wrote, “Thank you to the doctors and nurses who work so hard around the clock to get everyone vaxxed,” “Thank you to NBC for taking the testing protocols so seriously and doing a great job- and also thanks for putting me in the “What’chu talking about Wills?” isolation room where they told me the news.”

Many celebrities, including Reese Witherspoon, sent Fallon their good wishes in the comment section of his post.

“Hope you had a speedy recovery!” Witherspoon wrote.

Weeks before testing positive for COVID-19, The 47 year he gathered up with Megan Thee stallion and Ariana Grande to work on a COVID-19 Pandemic familiar holiday tune “It was a…(Masked Christmas)”.

Fallon is the most recent celebrity to unravel that he had contracted the virus amid the rising cases of Coronavirus in the highly infective Omicron wave.

Jimmy posted a teasing music video on Instagram quite a few times, including where he showed himself Ariana Grande wearing animated masks. Featuring both their mouths singing the lyrics on animated masks, “It was a masked Christmas, we’re stuck in the house, we covered our nose, we covered our mouth, and this Christmas time, we’ll be in line for a booster.”

Meghan the stallion was also featured in a video clip wearing a nurse’s uniform and vaccine syringes on her fingers.

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