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Jessica Biel said “Bye Bye Bye” to her sleek strands for her role in “Candy” by HULU.

Jessica Biel plays Texas housewife-turned-murderer Candy Montgomery in the true-crime show, set to premiere on Hulu on May 9.

And Jessica Biel transformed into the complex character by trading her beach waves for a short, curly ‘do reminiscent of husband Justin Timberlake’s NSYNC-era ringlets.

Jessica Biel, 40, told Entertainment Tonight that she and Justin Timberlake could not look for the role.

“We laughed about it because it looked like the early days of those beautiful curls,” she said. “Let’s get serious, he had beautiful curls.”

Jessica Biel added that Justin Timberlake’s mother passed down those good hair genes.

“His mom, now actually has like, current, really cool hipster short curly hair. It’s weird, it kind of resembles both of them. At the same time,” Biel said.

Even Jessica Biel’s “Candy” co-star Pablo Schreiber noticed the resemblance.

“My first thought when I saw it was, ‘Wow, did you take a picture of your husband to the hair department and say, ‘I want this?'” Biel recalled him asking.

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