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“Supernatural” alum Jared Padalecki is “recovering” after a car accident.

Jensen Ackles appeared solo at Creation Entertainment’s “Supernatural” Official Conventions and immediately addressed why Padalecki wasn’t in attendance.

“I miss my buddy. He sends his love. I spoke with him yesterday and he’s sad he can’t be here,” Ackles told the crowd, as shown in video footage from the convention, before explaining that Padalecki had approved of him publicly sharing details about his condition.

“He was in a very bad car accident,” he continued, drawing concerned gasps from the audience. “He wasn’t driving, he was in the passenger seat, and he’s lucky to be alive.”

“And not only that,” Ackles added. “But he’s at home recovering, which — the fact that he’s not in a hospital right now is blowing my mind because I saw the car.”

On Thursday, on Twitter, Jared Padalecki has yet to address the wreck himself but shared a brief apology ahead of the convention.

Jensen Ackles revealed that there were “no fatalities” in the crash but that the “airbag packs a punch.”

“He’s like, ‘I feel like I went 12 rounds with [Mike] Tyson.’ But he is doing OK, and he’s moving around. But yeah, [it was a] really, really bad car accident,” he said. “Just keep him in your thoughts, send him some love if you get a chance on social and he’ll be back with us soon.”

Neither Jared Padalecki nor Jensen Ackles has yet to reveal further details about when or where the accident occurred.

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