Image credit: Gianluca Masi/The Virtual Telescope Project

The International Space Station and China’s space station photobombed a four-planet line-up in the early morning sky for Italian astrophysicist Gianluca Masi.

“No less than four planets (Jupiter, Venus, Mars, and Saturn) were waiting for me, with a sharp moon crescent joining the show in the same spot of Jupiter and Venus (the brightest planets), hanging on the South-Eastern horizon minutes before sunrise,” Masi said.

Such planetary alignments occur when our neighboring worlds enter the same region of the sky from Earth’s perspective. But the “stars” seemed to align perfectly today for Masi when two orbiting spacecraft also peeked into the line-up.

The four planets have been visible in these wee morning hours in the Northern Hemisphere since April 23 and will remain that way through early July, according to NASA. The parade will gain a member —Mercury — as early as June 10 in places with a flat, eastern horizon, Live Science previously reported. That five-planet cosmic march will appear to move from east to south.

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