J. Cole, as a dedicated rap artist, has always believed that it is important to devote sufficient time to honing his craft. While he hasn’t been releasing as much music as his fans are accustomed to, he has been working on the release of his final albums something in which he has devoted a significant amount of time in order to completely take a break from his music career.

J. Cole said, in his documentary, Applying Pressure: The Off-Season that he is now coming to the possibility of retiring from his music career. His endeavor has required a lot of refocusing, realigning, and regaining control of his time, and he is finally at a point where he is content not to make music anymore.

His career has required a lot of effort, focus, and regaining control of his time, and he is finally at a point where he is cool about not making music anymore.

Cole said “Now that the possibility of not doing this sh*t seems real and I’m at peace with that, don’t have a regret,” in his documentary

J. Cole, who is known for going on his own, has also pointed to being more open to featuring works in recent years. Cole said, in his career, he always treated that collaboration works like a project but now he doesn’t want to look back saying he had no feature songs with anyone.

He went on to say that he began doing more features after some reflection on his career. The rapper will do a few more features before his retirement, which he has also agreed to.

When you put yourself in uncomfortable situations, you learn a lot about yourself. And you usually discover that you’re capable of rising to the bar set by certain ugly situations, he explained.

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