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Iran Concludes its Missile Attack on the USA Troop Stationed in Iraq

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Recently, Iran announced to conclude the recent missile attack on the American troops stationed in the neighbouring country, Iraq. Iran fired at least a dozen missiles on a couple of American military bases in Iraq. Iran further claimed that the country is not seeking any further military escalation or war in the region. 

Mohammad Javad Zarif, the Foreign Minister of Iran, tweeted these developments in his official Twitter handle. The recent missile attack is the country’s response to the killing of its military leader Major General Qassim Suleimani by the United States. Major General Qassim Suleimani was one of the prominent leaders of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps. The United States killed the General by a drone strike in the capital city of Iraq, Baghdad, on Friday following the order of President Trump. The United States claimed that the General, who was leading the Quds force, was planning to attack the American interest. 

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The Iranian foreign minister further claimed that his country is not promoting the escalation, but it is capable of defending any external threat. President Trump tweeted on the recent development following the attack on the United States troops. He claimed that the casualty and damages are very minimal, but he further revealed that the assessment work is currently going on.

The Recent Boeing Crash in Iran

In this critical time of Iran, a Boeing 737 crashed just after taking off from the Iranian capital. The report suggests that all the boarding passengers in the, at least 170, plane killed following the crash. The initial report finds technical failure is responsible for the recent crash. The aircraft was heading to Ukraine from Tehran. 

The Soaring Oil Price

Once the news of Iranian missile attacks circulated in the media, the oil prices started to jump by the early morning on Wednesday. The crude oil price increased by a whopping 4% to reach 70 USD per barrel in comparison to Tuesday.




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