iPad Air VS iPad Pro
source: MacRumors

As we all know that iPad Air 2020 is the best iPad for the users and gave a tough competition to the competitors. Moreover, the iPad also matches and excels the iPad Pro 2020 and excels in some aspects over the pro version. So, let’s talk about that what are these cases. The sources of galaxy reporters also claim that Apple is thinking of launching a New iPad pro with the new mini version in the year 2021.

Now let’s compare both the iPads on all the basis:-

The first comes the talk about the processor

The processor in the iPad Air is of Apple A14 processor whereas in the iPad Pro it is the Apple A12z processor that is the older version of the processor but best than the A14 according to me. The processor A14 outcomes the A12 in many terms but not in some important terms that will be discussed below.

Now let’s talk about the Display, pencil, and I/O of both the iPads

Both of the iPads include a pencil of 2nd generation with no home screen button and with edges on the sides having a USB-C type charging point and with magic keyboard and both of them are supporting Wi-Fi 6. As we all know that 2nd gen pencil of apple is the best pencil to be used on any iPad and the same comes with the Air version that the users like the most and the pro version there is a pencil but of 1st generation that shifts the priority of the users form the pro version to the Air version. The second-generation Apple pencil comes with an ergonomic design and uses wireless charging when the pencil is attached to the iPad and also with more comfortable tap gestures and change the writing instruments and will be providing around writing experience.

Now the screen of the iPad Air, the screen is 10.9 inches with the Liquid Retina display. The display is with the true tone and with the P3 wide color that displays or features the same as 264 PPI same as the 11-inch iPad Pro. And moreover, both of the displays were fully laminated and both of them have Apple’s anti-reflective coating.

Now by removing the button from the screen it is the full-screen iPad and for the Air, it is better to have a face ID and for the pro version, it is better to have a Fingerprint for the lock.

Now if the user is more conscious about the color of the iPad and needs more options then the user may opt for the iPad Air as it comes in many colors that include space gray, silver, rose gold, green, and sky blue. And on the other hand, the iPad Pro comes only in two colors that are space gray and silver.

Now talking about the price then here is the table for all the prices with all the respective models.

iPad Air vs iPad Pro
source: 9to5 Mac

Now talking about the battery life of both the iPads

The battery life of both the pads is 11 hrs on the web or videos on watch and on the basis of usage, the users suggest that there are 9 hrs on the cellular.

Now we come to the platforms where the iPad Pro excels the Air version

First comes the talk about the CPU/GPU and the RAM

The pro version of the iPad comes with the 8 GPU and CPU and with the A12z processor whereas the Air version comes with the 6 CPU and GPU with the A14 Processor. Now the Ram, The Ram of the Air is of 4GB and of Pro is 6GB.

Now in order to compare the camera a table is given below

iPad Air VS iPad Pro
source: 9to5 Mac

That’s all was the article about the iPad Air VS iPad Pro.

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