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Today, Apple finally released the all-new iOS14.6 with the release of the new iPadOS 14.6. The release of the iOS14.6 is not quite in the market as iOS14.5 just got related in the market with a large number of changes. And now the iOS14.6 is released with a small number of changes but the changes are big. In this article, the user will get to know all the details about the new iOS and iPadOS 14.6.

Support Of Apple Music Spatial Audio and Lossless Audio

In the month of May, Apple just released the two new features for Apple Music and the users are getting to use them without paying any additional cost. It is stated that the new Apple Music‌ Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos will provide an immersive, multi-dimensional audio experience. That allows artists to mix music in a way. That makes it sound like the notes are coming from all around you. It is also witnessed that Apple is also upgrading its entire music catalog to Lossless Audio.

Which will automatically preserve the audio of the original file, so a user gets to hear the original voice of the artist without any interruption in between. So, the main thing is that none of the above two features are launched with the new iOS14.6 rather will be launched in the month of June with the new server update. But on one side iOS14.6 has done the groundwork for the same.

Next Comes The Apple Card Family

The feature was announced in April. The Apple Card Family will allow an Apple card to be used among the whole family. Two members have now the chance to share one single Apple card. But from the two, there will be only one of them who will be the co-builder of the card.

With this, the new Apple Card Family also allows a user to use the same with their children. As a result, it will help children to learn financial habits. With this, all spending by the family is tracked with a single monthly bill.

The limit is up to 5 people only who can be added to a single apple card. One thing to make sure is that all the people added must be the same Family Sharing Group. The age must be more than 13 years.

The co-owners must be 18 years or above of age. The existing ones can merge the two of them in a single one only. Thus it results in a higher shared credit limit with the lower APR of the two accounts. But the feature is not available in July. Adding of the new members and making the co-owners can be done through the Wallet app.

Support Of Apple Podcasts Subscription

The new iOS14.6 allows users to take subscriptions for the Apple Podcasts app. Thus allowing the creators of podcasts to collect subscription fees from their listeners. The subscription will help the user to access the additional content, with NPR, the Los Angeles Times, Sony Music Entertainment, Wondery. Apple is also planning to launch premium content to it. The feature of podcast subscription is avlaible to in more than 170 countries.

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