Apple Watch Series 3

As many of the rumors suggest that Apple has been criticized for the fact to stop the sale and manufacturing of the Apple Watch Series 3. Because many bugs are coming up when a user needs to update an Apple Watch Series 3. But now an update seems to be there with the release of the new iOS14.6. Now the iOS running on Apple Watch Series 3 implies that. It gives a notification to the user before the update there is a need for the user to restore the data.

As it is rumored earlier that the problem the users are facing is with the GPS version of the Watch Series 3. Which has only 8GB of Internal Storage. So, it is also witnessed that whenever a user tries to update the GPS version of the Apple Watch Series 3. Then always at that time, a buck comes in between. Also, it shows a message that the apple watch is not having enough space.

So, with the launch of the latest version, it seems that Apple has given up its old idea. Their old idea was asking users to delete some files and apps but not anymore it is required to do so. Also, in a report, it was found out that it proved to be very annoying for the users to delete some of the apps and media files to update the device.

So, to update Apple Watch to the latest version, the user first needs to unpair it from the iPhone. Then the user needs to pair it. Automatically the watch will get updated after the user again pairs it.

Also, the previous message regarding the update was that it tells the user to delete some of the files and media. But now it says that the user should restore its data somewhere before installing.

Unfortunately, it is expected that soon the Watch Series 3 will get discontinued because of these types of bugs. Also, it is rumored that soon a rebrand for the Apple Watch Series 3 is going to launch under the name of Apple Watch SE.

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