iOS 14 the latest version and everything that the user wants to know
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As the apple company has launched the new ios version that is the ios 14 which was launched in June 2020. In this article, the user will get to know all the things about the new version of iOS 14. Now we come to the detailing of the features of the ios 14 that a user needs to know.

The new iOS 14 is the first and the latest feature in the apple industry to launch the new home screen design changes, major new features, updates for existing apps, Siri improvements, and many other things that streamline the iOS interface.

First of all the new ios version brings out the new feature for the customization of the home screen and moreover, the new home screen gives the user the space for the new widgets also. Now the users can also able to drag the widgets to the home screen easily and can be fitted in different sizes.

Moreover, with the smart stack intelligence, the user can able to use the widgets on time and set the widgets according to their time and the user can also use the home screen and customize it according to the work, travel, sports, and more. As with the launch of the new widgets, the gallery of the widgets has also been updated and now the gallery also provides the user to use the widgets for the apps also and also to customize it.

Now, the one more feature that after the user swipes all the pages and comes to the last then the user will see a gallery where all the apps will be shown to the user at a glance. In this version, the apps of the device are listed in a folder but apple created the new feature of the suggestions and the apple arcade that works intelligently. Now the user can list the news apps in the app folder or the library in order to keep the home screen clean.

Now the phone calls and the Siri notifications don’t show up the whole screen of the device as while the incoming call a pop-up is shown at the top of the device and while using the Siri the user can see the small icon on the bottom of the device.

The new feature comes that the user can able to use the face time and the video calling while using the other apps also as on has to not stop the facetime while using the other apps. The facetime will automatically go to the right bottom in small size and the user can use the other app.

Now there is a new layer of privacy in the dictated message and now Siri is also able to record the messages and can send them to the user.

Moreover, Apple added the apple clips feature from which the user is able to use the different types of apple clips and one has to not install the other apps from the store for the tones.

The user can also able to mute the notifications of the apple groups but can’t set the stop notification. The user has also the new emoji features to the apple device that the user can apply to the apps and other things.

The versions also give the weather and the health app with the new ios 14.

That,s all was the article about the ios14 and I hope that the user of the article has got all the information related to the iOS 14.

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