iOS 14.6
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Apple’s iOS 14.5 is still new but still, some of the analysts and researchers are looking forward to the iOS 14.6 beta version. Some of the new features will be added to the new iOS14.6 beta version. So, here you will get all the rumors related to iOS 14.6 beta version.

Apple’s new iOS 14.5 update has come earlier this month only. The new update has come up with a lot of changes that include the features like:-

1. The users get the ability to unlock the iPhone through FaceID while wearing a mask.

2. Helps to stop app that allows tracking of the user.

3. Now the chance to choose among fur Siri voices.

And many more. But these types of features will not stop us from looking ahead towards the new iOS 14.6 beta version. However, the new iOS14.6 will be a smaller update than the iOS14.5. Because the list of changes will be less than that the user is being provided in iOS14.5. So, the changes that users can expect include the apps for tracking the lost Airtags. It is also rumored that there will be a high-fidelity Apple Music tier with the bug fixes.

So, the question arises that when will the beta version for the same will be available. So, the iOS14 was launched in the last year September which was ahead of the release of iPhone12. In general, it takes only one month for the release of the new iOS with some of the new features. But iOS 14.5 contain a long list of changes that why it took three months to get released publicly.

The new version of the iOS which is the iSO14.6 beta version is available now but only the beta version is available publicly. So, a user can download the same but it may have some bugs inside it. Apple is still working on its version of iOS14.6 and after the bugs will get solved the parent version will get released in the market.

However, Apple doesn’t give any clues for the release of the new iOS. So, we expect that as the best version came into working from April 23. The parent version is expected to be launch at the end of May. Apple always takes a duration of one month for the release of the parent version after the beta version. It is also expected that Apple will announce the WorldWide release of the iOS15 in the month of June.

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