iOS 14.5
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According to the sources of the galaxy reporters, the iOS 14.5 parent version will be out soon in the iPhones and the other Apple Products. The sources claim that Apple is currently testing the beta version and the parent version will be out till this summer. Moreover, the iPhone 14.5 will be treated the best update to the iPhones as it will bring the long-awaited feature of bringing the unlocking the iPhones with a face mask and with the Apple to watch too and along with this the feature of the App Tracking Transparency and with many more features the new parent version iOS 14.5 will be out till the end of April.

Now here is the thing that includes all the rumors about the features that will be there in the iOS 14.5 we know till now.

The first comes the feature of unlocking your iPhone with the Apple Watch while wearing the face mask too. The idea is launched in order to bypass the order of unlocking the iPhone and moreover, the feature of the face mask is there as due to the pandemic many of the iPhone users realized that the Face ID doesn’t work when the users face is half covered, so in order to unlock the phone the user has to remove the mask but now it is possible in the iOS 14.5. And moreover, instead of looking to your iPhone the user can just look to the Apple watch or enter the passcode to it in order to unlock the iPhone.

Now the next feature comes to the App Tracking Transparency

The feature will allow the user to track the phoned and the use of the apps in their phones and in this case the user has to manually select or give permissions to the app for the apps and websites for which the user wants to give the permission to track. And with the launch of this feature, the feature has already received much criticism from most of the developers, especially from Facebook. And the feature also claims that Facebook need’s to ask the user for the advertising ID first. And due to the launch of this feature in iOS, Apple and Facebook also had a word of mouth relating to this issue.

Next comes the feature of the Battery recalibration

Apple is going to release a skillful feature to the new iOS 14.5 that will be of the Battery recalibration which helps the user to get to know about the battery feature of the iPhone battery. Moreover, the feature will be recalibrating the maximum battery capacity along with the peak performance statistics. The user will be able to check the status of the battery recalibration by just Settings > Battery > Battery Health.

Next comes the introduction of the 2 new Siri voices

With the launch of the iOS 14.5 now Apple will be giving the user two new voices one of the females and the other of the male and then the user can decide which voice to use for the Siri. And that’s not only the thing the Siri feature will be adding the 2 new more voices for the English speakers and moreover, the company now also claims that now the Siri will be hearing more clearly to the voice and the music preference of the user and the thing is not sure that whether the feature of Siri will appear in this version or the final version of the iOS 14.5.

Along with the above features, there are 2 new features that include the following:-

1. iOS 14.5 will be supporting the 5G, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S controller compatibility.
2. And the last is that about 200 more emojis will be joining the Apple family.

That’s all was the article about the iOS 14.5 parent version that is going to launch in the last week of April 2021.

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