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Apple is working on its new 35W Dual USB-C Charger to let users recharge two devices simultaneously, and this news was revealed by 9to5Mac last week.

ChargerLAB shared images of the new charger on Twitter, but the sources behind them are unknown. Unlike Apple’s current USB-C Power Adapter, photos show that the new 35W Power Adapter will have “foldable prongs.” There are two USB-C ports behind the Power Adapter.

Another difference between the old power adapter and the new power adapter is that the current one is a circular cutout on the sides so that consumers can hold it there to remove the charger. ChargerLAB says they will bring more info about the new power adapter “soon.”

The new Apple 35W Dual USB-C Power Adapter was mistakenly revealed on Apple’s official website in a support document. According to that, the new charger will also support USB-PD for fast charging on supported devices. With 35W of power, it can even recharge an M1 MacBook Air.

Of course, when using both USB-C ports simultaneously, the power will be split between the two devices – but it will still deliver enough power to recharge an Apple Watch or an iPad and iPhone at the same time.

ChargerLAB tweeted: “#Apple is planning to release its first 35W dual USB-C charger.

ChargerLAB got the leaked pics of it. It adopts foldable prongs, and unlike other chargers, two USB-C ports are side by side.
We’ll bring more information about this charger.

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