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With time, human beings able to discover many origin stories about the species. A recent study suggests that most of the widely accepted theories are wrong. Previously, researchers thought that the human species evolved from the Eastern part of Africa before colonizing the entire planet. According to the researchers, the most advanced species on the planet evolved around 2,00,000 years ago. Scientists claimed that the species remained in the continent for around 1,40,000 years before spreading all over the world. Scientists termed the venturing as out of Africa migration. 

The New Theory

A recent study claimed that the human species evolved way before then we calculated. Besides, they used to reside in a completely different part of Africa. Unlike other species, Homo sapiens did not replace their competing species, but they start to interbred with them. 

The recent study makes the evolution theory even more complicated. Everything started way back in 2017 when scientists able to find several ancient bones from Morocco. Further research revealed that these bones are the oldest ever found on the earth. Scientists determined that these bones were around 3,15,000 years old, which is around 1,00,000 years older than the proposed theory. The recent discovery happened at the Jebel Irhoud region in Africa. As a result, scientists proposed a new theory that the Northern part of Africa is the actual place of human origin instead of the previously considered East Africa.

The proposed theory also indicates that the most ancient human beings able to transport from one end of Africa to the other. But, travelling across it at that time was impossible; therefore, experts rejected the idea. 

Another theory claimed that the human species evolved throughout Africa in interlinked groups. In the later phase, they became similar, which seems logical. So, now it is clear that the human species evolved at different locations throughout Africa. 

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