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Fans of The Matrix will be disappointed to learn that Warner Bros. will not be releasing The Matrix Resurrections on HBO Max as early as Dune. Instead, the highly anticipated fourth film in The Matrix franchise will make its streaming debut on December 22nd at 3:01 AM ET / 12:01 AM PT — which means you’ll either have to stay up late or wait until Wednesday night to watch it.

So far, we’ve only seen two trailers, and we know that Neo (or Thomas Anderson) has returned to the Matrix and is working with Trinity. Neo quickly realizes that he needs to look at his surroundings after skipping his medication (the iconic blue pills are also back). Humans are still used as “batteries” in some situations. We don’t know if Morpheus (initially played by Laurence Fishburne) will appear in the film, but a character played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II could be the one guiding Neo this time.

The news isn’t entirely unexpected, given that HBO Max usually releases new episodes and movies at 3:01 AM ET (or the equivalent time in other time zones) on the day they’re released. Nonetheless, when it comes to major HBO Max releases, the company has broken its pattern a few times: Dune, as previously mentioned, debuted on the service a few hours ahead of its October 22nd release date by streaming at 6 PM ET the night before, while Wonder Woman 1984 debuted at noon ET on Christmas Day last year.

However, unlike Dune, which was also released in theatres the night before its “official” release date, The Matrix Resurrections does not appear to be offering early Tuesday night screenings, which means you’ll have to wait until Wednesday, December 22nd to see the upcoming sequel, whether on the big screen or streaming on your couch.

Practically speaking, if you want to avoid spoilers until you have time to watch The Matrix Resurrections, you should prevent Twitter on Wednesday.

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