How to Use Google Assistant Voice Search in Chrome for Android?
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As we all know that Google is nowadays is introducing a new feature every day. Google has also changed the voice command from taping to the google assistant. So, the new features are attracting most of the users to use google more and more. Google has allowed the use of the google assistant on the android versions. So, if the user is looking for the answer to the question that How to Use Google Assistant Voice Search in Chrome for Android? then you have come to the right place a sin this article you will get to know all the things about google assistant.

First, the given below steps will tell you how to enable the assistant in the chrome:-

1. First of the user has to visit the chrome and there visit the visit chrome://flag. Now in the search box that appears now in the window click type there to search for ‘Omnibox Assistant Voice Search’.

And if the user is looking for the alternate method then just type the following link:-


2. Ater that the user will find the option of the chrome flag on the drop-down list and the user has to enable that to the colorful mic.

Now we come to the comparison of the google assistant voice typing and old google voice input

Now you may get to know that how the google new voice assistant world as in the old one the user has to tap on the mic icon till the message is complete but now the voice search has advanced has now the user just has to tap on the mic and window will open and the user now without tapping anywhere has to just give the command to the user.

Keeping the looks aside of the assistant also helps the user to activate the other apps on the mobile phone and moreover, if the user wants to speak in another language then the user has an advantage as Google is able to listen in any language. Moreover, there is a drawback that it doesn’t work like the Alexa as while working on the assistant it will become handy when the user stands out as and commands of the turn of light or turn on anything.

Moreover, we expect that google will enhance more the assistant so that it can be used more comfortably by the users.

I hope that the users have got the answer to the question that How to Use Google Assistant Voice Search in Chrome for Android?

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