How to Share Your Screen on Discord Mobile?
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As we all know that the discord is a social media app that is available for chat, service games, and for many other things also. If the user is the old discord user then he/she may knew that the discord app doesn’t provide the option of sharing the screen but provide the functionallity over it’s desktop versions. However, but now the concept of the discord has changed and a recent beta test run ensured that the discord has allow the screen sharing of the apps with the android and IOS devices both. If the user is looking for the
answer of the question that How to Share Your Screen on Discord Mobile? then the user has come to the right place.

First we will get to know the steps of the screen sharing

1. Firstly the user who is using the discord app and want to screen sharing then the user first has to intiate the video calling or voice call. You are able to do the same by opening a private chat or a personal chat or any other chat. The icon of the voice or video call can be found on the top right corner.

2. Once the user is in then the user is able to see the scren share button in the call interface. If the user ina voice call then the user can acess the screen share button by swiping up the button from the buttom portion. In case of a video call the option is at the bottom right in the row of quick controls.

3. As soon as the user click on the screen share button then the pop up window will get open and urge the user to press the start now button then the user in order to proceed then click on the start now button. After the succesfulness of the user the user will see a screen that show amessage that your screen is sharing and then the user is able to open the other apps or the apps that the user want to share.

Now we get to know about the steps of how to stop the screen sharing mode:-

1. After the user has enter the screen sharing mode then it is also importan to know that if the user want to leave the screen that how will the user leave. In order to leave the screen the user has three options, then from the screen confirmation page then click on the option of stop sharing. Moreover, the alternate option will be of the button of stop streaming at the right bottom corner.

2. If the user in a hurry then click on the option of the stop streaming from the notification pannel showing the notification of the discord’s app.

Now let us know that how to join the session of the discord’s app:-

1. Now if the user has known about the start and stop of the discord’s app screen sharing. So, let’s know about the how to join the screen sharing of a friend. So, if the user want to join then click on the watch stream option form the options provided.

2. The user can also switch the watch streams screen if the friends are more and the choice is of the user so the user can tap on the option of the switch screen.

Following are some of the supported apps and platforms:-

Apps:- In case of apps all the apps provide the permission expect for the netflix and the spotify.

Platforms:- In case of platforms the android version is compatiable for above Lollipop (5.0) but the feature is not compatiable with the IOS 12.

So, that’s all were the steps of the question How to Share Your Screen on Discord Mobile?

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