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As we all know that iOS 14 is the latest version that Apple brings to the users as the operating system and it provides a variety of changes to it. And the main feature for which the users were waiting for a long time was the feature of setting the default email as Gmail and now the feature is in iOS 14. So, if the user is looking for the answer to the question that How to Set Gmail as Default Email on iOS 14?

As we all know that the default app for the mails on the iPhone or the iPad is enough for the user who doesn’t use the email much but is difficult to use by the users who use the email a lot. Moreover, there is no such smart folder or smart email app in the mail organization of the macOS that the iPhone doesn’t have. And that’s the only reason why most of the users choose to use the Gmail app for email conversation.

But now the user can set Gmail as the default email app and moreover now the user not have to copy and paste the Gmail address of a user from one place to another as the notification will direct the user directly to the Gmail app and form there only he/she can operate.

Now in order to use the function, the user has to first check that his/her iPhone has been updated to the latest version of the iOS 14. And in order to do so, the user should follow the Settings -> General -> Software Update and after that, the user has to update the Gmail app and for that, the user has to get the App Store -> Gmail -> and update the app.

Now here are the steps to change the default email app to Gmail in iOS 14

1. First the user has to open the Settings app on the iPhone and then has to scroll down and has to search for the Gmail app option.

2. And after clicking on the option the user has to search for the option of the “Default Mail App” and then has to click on that.

3. After that the user has to select the option of Gmail in order to get it set for the default mail app.

And that’s all now the default app of the user has been set for Gmail and the user can directly use Gmail from the Default app. And now I hope that the user has got the answer to the question that How to Set Gmail as Default Email on iOS 14?

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