How to Install and Play Among Us on a Chromebook?
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As we all know that the Among Us game has taken the world by storm and every single person is urging me to play that game. The game was first launched on the IOS and the Android Mobile Phone. After that seeing the willing ability to play this game of the people the company decided to launch the same on Windows, Xbox, and other platforms also. This insane popularity of the game has made the game to playable on the Chromebook also so the users are wondering to find that whether the game is playable on the Chromebook or not or How to Install and Play Among Us on a Chromebook?

Now let us know the steps that a user has to follow in order to pay for the game.

The first criteria comes that the Chromebook supports the play store app. The reader must keep in mind that the Chromebook in which the user is going to play the game must be a Chromebook with the play store supported app. As most of the school-issued Chromebooks doesn’t support the play store app so the user need not worry about that just read the next section of this article.

Among US to play on the Chromebook with play store support app:-

1. First of all if the user has not installed the android apps on the Chromebook and it is the first time for the user then the user first must turn on the google play store. Then this permission will allow the user to install the android apps in the Chromebook.

2. Then the user must search for the Among US game and then the user must click on the install button and then install the app right away.

3. Now the Among Us game has been downloaded in the Chromebook the user is able to open the game from the play store or the drawer app. Now the game is playable on both apps.

4. The user can play the game in a multiplayer mode with online players or to create an offline crew.

Now we come to the steps that let us know how to play the game in the school-issued Chromebook

1. The users are unable to play the game on the Chromebook or the users have the school-issued Chromebook then there is nothing to worry about. The user just has to buy the game on steam and the user can play the game easily without any issue. The game is supported without Linux and the play store also.

The user has to play from the Ge force cod. And if the Geforce is not there then there is nothing to worry about and if the GeForce is not there in the user region then the user must follow the following steps in order to play the game:-

1. Firstly set up the Ge Force in the Chromebook and then set up the Ge Force account.

2. After that search for the Among Us on the Ge Force and after that add it to the library.

3. After that click on the play option and after that you will be allotted a rig

4. After that n the next page login to the steam account and purchase the game. The game will cost only $5. After purchasing the game the user is able to play the game on the browser.

That’s all was the article about how a gamer is able to play the AmongUs game on the school-issued Chromebook and a normal Chromebook. How to Install and Play Among Us on a Chromebook?

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